Marine (fish), Bovine, Porcine??

Not all collagen is the same... 

The main sources for commercial Collagen is from Marine (Fish), Bovine or Porcine. All with different benefits for the body. 

Benefits of Marine (Fish) Collagen over Bovine and Porcine: 

Marine Collagen peptides are the only collagens that are solely made of Type 1 collagen. Over 90% of our body's collagen is in fact Type 1 Collagen. Hence fish collagen is known to be an extremely effective source of collagen for the body. 

Marine collagen peptides is derived from fish skin and contains type 1 collagen peptides in smaller enough particles to be absorbed through our gut and into our skin and other tissues for health, wellness and beauty results.  Research suggests that marine collagen’s smaller molecular weight makes it a superior form of collagen plus it is absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently than bovine or porcine collagen.3 


An additional study showed, that in just 2 months, significant improvements in skin elasticity, moisture and dermal ultrasonic markers were seen4. Such remarkable results are possibly due to the fact that fish collagen peptides also contain higher levels of a very unique amino acid, hydroxyproline. Several of the hydroxproline peptides do not digest completely allowing them to be detected in your blood and assisting to simulate you own collagen synthesis by activating skin, joint and bone cells.     


Other benefits include less likely to cause allergy, easy extraction from waste products of fishing and more popular as many people do not eat bovine products. It is also completely tasteless and mixes easily into foods and drinks.

We have done the comparison and we think marine (fish) collagen peptides are superior to bovine and porcine.


Younger Secrets only uses top quality marine (fish) collagen peptides manufactured in France and backed by clinical research.



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